Friday, February 13, 2015

Little Niggy: Dog of the Dam

In 1932 a part-Labrador puppy with a jet black coat and a white blaze on his chest was said to have been born in the crawlspace beneath the first police building in Boulder City. A laborer for Six Companies, the joint venture of construction companies building Hoover dam, began bringing him to the worksite while he was still a puppy, and he became a welcome addition to the workforce. Political correctness did not occur to the men of the time, and they called the dog ”Nig.”

The dog was as sure-footed as any mountain goat and made his way around the canyon and on the construction catwalks that the men used to navigate the dam. Nig could climb up ladders and he followed the men into tunnels without fear.

He became Hoover Dam official builder dam\s animal mascot.

Unfortunately in 1941, Little Niggy was accidentally run over by a truck. He was buried in a concrete crypt near the Nevada abutment and memorialized with a plaque identifying him as a dog that adopted a dam.

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