Saturday, December 06, 2014

Carnivorous Plants

They may look like things from your nightmare or a monster movie, but believe it or not, carnivorous plants are quite real and may not be something that you expect.

So why became carnivorous?


You will notice that today  in  some malls around Metro Manila, we now have different tea shops – something like coffee shops and cafĂ© but instead of serving coffee, they serve tea. Moreover, teas are now more than just a hot drink to sip in a cold night or something that we drink if we have a fever. Now, teas have different flavors and styles – like cold tea and even something called “bubble tea.” So, you might wonder…

… what is a tea? 

How Colors Affect Our Moods.

So, you’re planning to re-decorate your room and thinking of a new paint job, or how about what color would you like to wear before going to work, or a date, or a party. Want to buy a new car? What color do you want your car to have?

Do you know that colors affect your emotions? 

Yes, that is why choosing the right color can be very important – not only for your personal preference, but also to your work and social life.

So before deciding with colors, I think you should read this article first.