Saturday, December 06, 2014

How Colors Affect Our Moods.

So, you’re planning to re-decorate your room and thinking of a new paint job, or how about what color would you like to wear before going to work, or a date, or a party. Want to buy a new car? What color do you want your car to have?

Do you know that colors affect your emotions? 

Yes, that is why choosing the right color can be very important – not only for your personal preference, but also to your work and social life.

So before deciding with colors, I think you should read this article first.

Color Your Moods

The most given reason why color affects us is cultural. It has something to do with how color was interpreted by your culture and tradition, like red means courage, blue means nationalism, white is purity and so on. 

Evolution is also an issue. Ever wonder why red signifies danger and cautiousness? When you see red, your heart rate increases, that's because back in the days of our ancestors, they use fire (which is red) to signal danger and alarm.

Some studies have associated colors with light and energy. They call this chromodynamics. It says that color affects your energy so certain color can affect your productivity – some color can make you sleepy while there are colors that will boost your energy. A reason why many offices prefer blue color.

Now, here’s a list of colors and how will it affect your mood. Check it out!

Black - Black is associated with power and authority, a reason why most villains wear a combination of black color (like Darth Vader for example). It also gives some kind of an evil, brooding effect. It is also a little bit of a downer since it suggest death and melancholy.
If you are a little chubby on the outside, it is preferable to wear something black since it will give you a slimmer look.

White -  A neutral color, white can be paired with almost everything.  White can also make things bigger and spacious – a white colored room looks bigger and spacious. Since it reflects light and makes things bright, white can give you a sense of optimism, cleanliness, and sterility. That is why hospitals and clinics use white wall colors and medical personnel wear white colored uniforms. 

Red – Vigorous and intense, red is associated with power and love. Red dominates things that are related with passion, and since love is a very strong emotional state, most of its symbols are rendered in red. Red also signifies danger and caution since the color affects our heart rate – makes it beat faster. Danger signs are always in combination with the yellow and red color. 

Yellow - Yellow may be an optimistic color, but it also makes you lose your temper more compare to other colors. It can also overpower other colors since yellow is an attention grabber. Yellow also enhances concentration, that's why most danger signs have a yellow background.

Green -  It is the color of Nature and Mother Earth. Green is also known to harmonize and balance your emotion.  It has this calming effect that makes you relax. Now, do you wonder why something sexual are sometimes refer to as green as in green jokes? That's because in the Middle Ages, green symbolized fertility.

Pink - Unlike red, pink is more tranquilizing, calming and has this effect of physical weakness. That is why pink rooms makes you lose your energy.

Purple - The color of royalty, sophistication, and wealth. It also demands attention and mystery. 

Brown - It connotes down-to-earth, stability, and strength. Brown gives a sense of material security and physical comfort. It also gives a negative perception of being cheap and stinginess.

The proper and effective used of color depends on how you will combine them. For example, green is nicely paired with brown. The color gives your clients a warm welcome and a positive assurance that you can be trusted. Orange makes your atmosphere energized.

The basic division of colors is into warm and cool colors. Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors and include red, orange and yellow, while those on the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors and include blue, purple and green.  Warm colored clothings are good on lighter skin, while cool color clothings are good on darker shades. That’s because warm colors are more striking than cool colors. 

So remember folks, choose your color wisely.

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