Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Oblation was not modeled after Fernando Poe Sr.

Contrary to popular belief, but The Oblation in UP was not modeled after Fernando Poe Sr. (Fernando Poe Jr's father). It is just another of those urban legends.

Ok, so just because Fernando Poe Sr. was a student in UP in the time that The Oblation was being created by the late National Artist Guillermo Tolentino - well people assumed that he became the model ( I don't know why) and people start to believe it.

The fact is that 2 persons served as the model: Anastacio Caedo, Tolentino’s student and assistant, and Virgilio Raymundo, Caedo’s brother-in-law. To create the Oblation, Tolentino combined Caedo’s physique with Raymundo’s proportion.

National Artist Guillermo Tolentino (center) with Esteban Caedo (left) and Prof. Anastacio Caedo (right).

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