Thursday, May 08, 2014


The legends of the vampires belong to Eastern Europe. – vampire in the Magyar language of Hungary, Nosferatu in Romania. Balkan tales speak of married vampires rises from their graves to terrorized wives and husbands. Unmarried vampires visit young innocence of the opposite sex.

In the anonymous best-seller of 1847, Varney the Vampire or The Feast of Blood, Sir Francis Varney was the first vampire to be upgrade to aristocracy. In Carmilla, published in the 1870, Sheridan Le Fanu introduce us to a beautiful lesbian vampire Carmilla. This story inspired Bram Stoker, who began researching for his novel Dracula.

Dracula was loosely based on Vlad V of Wallachia (Romania). In the 6 year of his rule (1456-62), HE EARNED THE TITLE “THE IMPALER” FOR ALLEDGEDLY IMPALIING TEN OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. HE IS ALSO KNOWN AS Draculaea “son of the devil”.

The Philippine version of the European vampires is known as “Mandurugo”. The Mandurugo looks like young beautiful maidens and unlike their European counterparts, the Mandurugo don’t have fangs and are all females. They have a tongue that turns to a kind of a surgical straw and when a Mandurugo kissed her victim, the tongue will bore a hole inside the victim’s mouth where the monster will suck the victim’s blood.

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