Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Magdalena Institute of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science Major in Prostitution (BSMP)

Syllabus and Object List
Daily lectures will consist of Part 1, 9:40-10:40; Part 2, 10:50 to 11:45; each week, the second hour on Thursday will usually be the required demonstration section.

First year
I. Introduction to the art of Prostitution
II. Anatomy and Physiology of the Human reproductive system
II. Basic Negotiation (Client-Prostitute Centered)
I.V. Etiquette 101
V. history of Asian Prostitution

Second Year
I. Sexual Psychology
II. Elective subjects (French, Spanish, Niponggo, Portuguese)
III. Political Science
IV. Physical Education ( Fencing, Squash, Yachting, Horse Backriding, Bingo Social)
v. Penal Law and police negotiation
VI. Scientific Perspectives on Sex and Gender*
* Course Description:This interdisciplinary course is intended to teach students how to evaluate critically the theoretical and methodological assumptions as well as the research claims advanced by various psychologists, anthropologists and biologists with respect to sex and gender. It satisfies part of the introductory requirements for the Specialist, Major and Minor programs in Women's Studies. Enrolment is open. The class will be divided for tutorials which are required.

Third Year
I. Kama Sutra w/ 4 Wks. RLE( Relatated Learning Experince)*
II. Advanced Negotiation ( Client-Prositute Centered)
III. Prostitution 105 (Theoeretical Constructs and Therapy Method)
IV. Psychology of Personality
V. Social Dance and Aesthetics

Fourth Year
I. Sex Problems and Therapy w/ 4 wks. related learning experience (RLE)*
II. Holistic Sex Therapy
III. Yoga
IV. Advance Kama Sutra and Modern Sex Methods
V. Prostitution and organization
VI. Advertising
RLE: Students are exposed to different Red light Districts all over the Philippines
International red Light district immersions are also required.

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