Thursday, April 21, 2005

Godfather trivia

Brando often had his lines scattered across the set but not because he forgot them, it was because he believed that the best read was the first one so he didn't read scripts before hand. (Source: Special on Marlon Brando)

When Sonny beat his brother-in-law, he got hurt for real. James Caan broke two of Gianni Russo's ribs and chipped his elbow.

The infamous horse head was real. The crew found the horse in a New Jersey rendering plant and had it's head packed in ice and shipped to the set.

Al Pacino almost didn't get the part. It wasn't until the famous restaurant scene where they let him.

The Godfather was the first movie in over twenty years in which Marlon Brando was required to audition.

The studio heads wanted nothing to do with him, however they relented with the insistence of Coppola. - Scottman

While Sophia Coppola was the baby in GF1, she did not resume the role in GF3. In GF1 she played the son of Michaels sister whom Michael baptizes as all the family business is settled, and obviously in GF3 she plays a different role, Michaels daughter.

Al Pacino was paid $35,000 for the role as Michael, but was under contract to another studio that sued him for breach of contract, he was ordered to make two films for the other studio for free and pay the court costs. He wound up dead broke.

The Godfather Part II was the last American film to be printed in dye-transfer Technicolor.

Who's kissing Michael's hand in the first scene?
Ans. Rocco, the same man kissing his hand in the last scene of Part I

Introduction to film: The godfather was born Vito Andolini, in the town of Corleone in Sicily. In 1901 his father was murdered for an insult to the local Mafia chieftain [Don Ciccio]. His older brother Paolo swore revenge and disappeared into the hills, leaving Vito, the only male heir, to stand with his mother at the funeral. He was nine years old.

The cessna on which Tom & Fredo fly to Carson City on was licensed N32545.

The dead girl in Geary's bed (at Fredo's club) wasn't the first death in a pezzonavante's bed:
In Part I it was a horse's head

Who attended the Havana meeting?
The group included: William Shaw (General Fruit Company), Fulgenico Batista (Cuban ruler), Fred Corngold and Mr. Dant (United Telephone & Telegraph), Mr. Petty (Pan American Mining), Robert Allen (South American Sugar), Michael, Roth, and aides.

Who did Michael entertain in Havana?
Senator Geary (Nevada), Senator Payton (Florida), Judge DeMalco (New York), Senator Ream (Maryland)

The New Year reception was held at the Presidential Palace

The attempt on Pentangeli's life was made by the Rosato's on Roth's order. Anthony Rosato (played by Danny Aiello) tried to garrot him, saying "Micheal Coreleone says hello" which adds some confusion

Michael's bodyguard strangles Johnny Ola with a coat hanger

Michael's bodyguard is at the hospital at 10:20pm... but doesn't get shot until Midnight

What ailment did baby Fredo have?

Who's more powerful than Fanucci?

The novel makes Fanucci out to be a fraud, that's why Maranzalla didn't avenge his life.

Sollozzo and McCluskey were murdered in 1947. The Heads of the Five Families were murdered in 1950

What were the guards playing before they found Pentangeli's body?

Troy Donahue played Merle Johnson, the man Connie wanted to marry. Merle Johnson is Donahue's real name!

Nine year old Vito was tagged with #7 on his jacket, was on line #11 at Ellis Island, and slept in bed #52 for three months for his small pox quarentine. This was in 1901.

Anthony's first communion was in 1958 at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Anthony's middle name is Vito

What was Michael's bodyguard's name? In the credits, he's "Michael's Bodyguard," but he's named "Bussetta" in The Companion)

Hyman Roth was celebrating his 67th birthday in Cuba

What was Frank Pentangeli's brother's name?

Who introduces Carlo to Connie?
Sonny, in the flashback

Vito shot Fanucci three times: heart, face, and mouth

The woman who had a problem with her landlord was Signora Colombo. The landlord was Signor Roberto, who lived on 4th Street

The street address for GENCO Import Company was #514

Fabrizzio's name became Fred Vincent in America, and he opened Fred's Pizza in Buffalo. In the Epic, he was killed in a car bomb by Michael's men, like he killed Apollonia.

Al Neri is the one who shoots Fredo in the boat

15 minutes of the film is in Sicilian with English subtitles

The name of the ship that young Vito traveled to America on was called the Moshulu

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