Monday, April 25, 2005

Care to know... (Part 2)

  1. Contrary to what most people would tend to think, not all mosquitoes bite - only the female does. The male cannot bite no matter how hard he might try, and is content living on plant juices.

  2. People think of cockroaches as filthy beacuse of their stinking odor, secreted by scent glands, much like a skunk's. The odor is a natural defence: the aroma discourages many potential predators. Actually, the cockroach is a fastidious little fellow, spending hours to wash his feet, legs, and antennae. Although known to carry pathogens of such diseases as typhoid and gastroenteritis, the cockrroach has not been firmly linked with spreading any of them - in the sense that lice spread typhus, mosquitoes malaria, and flies intestinal diseases.
  3. In all of history, there was never a people more humane than the Toltecs, and agricultural tribe that moved from northern Mexico down into the vicinity of Mexico City in the 7th century. When they had to go to war, they did so with wooden swords -- so that they would not kill their enemies.

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